Customize your design with the best performance.

Shining Metal’s in-house foundry and value-added manufacturing capacity enables us to deliver custom aluminum and steel applications across the world. We serve a wide variety of industries for civilian, law enforcement, fire protection and military applications.

60,000 SF





TONS of Products

16 years



6 Countries



Why Our Customers Love Us.

Best Quality
We have in-house quality control on our products

We are Reliable
Our work for customers benefits

Fast Delivery
We have multiple warehouse locations to ensure delivery

Value-added Services
We provide unique solutions to suit your needs

Massive Inventory
We have variety of products in stock

Premium Support
We have the best customer service team to ensure your satisfaction

Value-added Services

√ Inventory Guarantee
√ Custom Packaging Configuration
√ Custom Prefabrication & Modification
√ Product Development
√ Warehousing

We thrive for providing the best customer service to our customers and provide unique solutions to suit their needs.

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Shining Metal is located in Delta BC and provides quality aluminum extrusions services all over Canada.