Above and Beyond

Shining Metal has been providing quality value-added and finished metal products to a wide variety of manufacturers across Canada

60,000 SF of Warehouse

On-time, On-Location warehousing to ensure you have what you need for your projects.


Imagine that you have a light, but strong metal, which is not prone to corrosion, which is non-toxic and durable, and which can be given virtually any desired shape.

New Products

Browse our products to enhance your design.

Green Architecture

Aluminum is one of the greenest building material because it is recyclable and conserves energy used in production.

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Shining Metal Trading Inc. was founded in 2003 with a mission to sell quality aluminum
extrusions with superior service. Since then, Shining Metal has been providing quality value added and finished products to a variety of manufacturers and contractors across Canada.

16 Years in
Supporting Industries

Shining Metal continues to invest in the best equipment & technical resources making us a trusted supplier for aluminum solutions in Canada.

In-House Machine & Assembly

Our in-house manufacturing team can cut, machine and assemble your project, pack it, deliver it and have it ready for on-site installation.

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Shining Metal is located in Delta BC and provides quality aluminum extrusions services all over Canada.